Weapon of Mass Destruction [Ashton & Reese]

This is an unedited short set in the RISQ world, approximately after Temper in timeline but without spoilers. 

Ashton glowered at the four-legged master of mass destruction in front of him, watching as it wagged its tail–and then promptly hopped behind Reese. The little furball yipped happily and darted forward, running between his lover’s legs–which was his territory, thank you very much–and then going straight for Ashton’s ankles. This time, Ashton was the one to yelp as he nearly fell over, trying to get away from the creature.

“What is that?” Ashton demanded, jumping up onto a chair instead and staring down at the beast on the floor.

Reese, who had spun around to watch Ashton leap away from the animal like a gymnast playing leapfrog, was trying to hide a smile, but Ashton knew him well enough to where he wasn’t keeping any secrets.

“It’s not funny, Reese!”

From behind him, he heard his best friend’s voice remark, “Actually, I think it’s pretty fucking hilarious.”

Ashton would have turned to look at Leo, but then he would have had to take his attention off of the miniature monstrosity that was now yipping away in front of his chair, small claws on huge paws scrabbling for purchase on one of the bottom rungs of it. “You. Hush,” he chided, flinging his hand in Leo’s general direction.

“Me. Leo.” Leo mocked him, and Ashton could hear his friend’s footsteps as he walked into the kitchen. They were so heavy in comparison to Reese’s, but then, he didn’t know a single human who could out-stealth a werewolf.

Even a former thief like him couldn’t pull that off.

“This is a dog, and I thought you’d like him as a pet,” Reese admitted, stepping up behind the thing and picking it up.

Ashton shuddered as the creature’s tongue ran along his lover’s neck. “I am never kissing you there again,” he announced when Reese made no move to avoid the molestation. “Not even if you scrub it with bleach. And that’s not a pet. What you have there is a ball of noisy fluff. That licks. And pisses. And destroys things.”

“So basically, you’re afraid your role in this household is going to be usurped,” Leo said, stopping just within Ashton’s peripheral vision as he hopped down–warily–from the chair.

“His name,” Reese said, his pale blue-grey eyes sparkling, “is Thor. Can you hate Thor?”

Ashton glowered at him. With the amount of times he’d compared Reese to a Viking or some sort of Norse god, he couldn’t exactly claim to hate Thor, even if he wanted to.


“Not when I’m calling you Thor,” he huffed. “But it’s a dog.” Which he said like he was talking about a nuclear explosion, because as far as he was concerned, he was. It was only a matter of time until the fluffball exploded all over the place. “And I’m not cleaning up after it.”

“Him,” Reese pointed out dryly. “He’s definitely a him.”

“I’m sure the dog is secure enough in his masculinity to where he doesn’t need you to defend his manhood,” Ashton informed the werewolf in the room, scowling at him.

“Ash,” Leo said, his voice sounding strange enough to where Ashton turned his head to look at his friend–who was trying so hard not to laugh that the syllable came out strangled.

“Oh, sure. Just laugh it up,” Ashton replied irritably. “Some friend you are.”

“I’m a fantastic friend. If the little tiny ball of fluff your boyfriend named Thor like he’s a badass goes for you, I’ll have his phone ready to take pictures.” Leo grinned, leaning against the wall. “But don’t mind me. I’m just here to watch.”

“And mock,” Ashton grumbled.

“That, too.”

Ashton looked for something to throw, but his knife-throwing skills weren’t particularly up to par, and he opted to pass on throwing sharp objects at his friend.

There were plenty of other ways to get him back.

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