(This page is a work in progress. As of right now, I have not read all of these and cannot recommend every title. However, they are free at the time of this post. Most are M/M but not all; most are NC-17/adult. Some may be duplicated across lists. Please confirm they are FREE at time of download.)
Sites & Other Lists:


Site Type Pairing Genre Site Link
All Romance Ebooks Retailer Any Romance/Erotica
Don’t Read in the Closet Listopia M/M Romance
Goodreads Group Only M/M Romance
Rainbow Gold Reviews Review Blog LGBT
The Dark Arts Review Blog M/M Dark M/M
Tiffany Reisz Author Site M/F, M/M, Etc Erotica/Romance


Other Books: 


Title Author Pairing Genre Rating Link
Control Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M Dark Erotica Recommended
Torrent Gemma James M/F Recommended
Bound by the Enemy Jessi Bond M/M Reluctant Recommended
Above the Dungeon SM Johnson M/M BDSM Recommended
Blood Red Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M    TBR or
Close Protection Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M    TBR
Close Protection Ficlets Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M    TBR
Drunk Text Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M    TBR
Green Means Go Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M    TBR
Hearthkeeper Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M    TBR
Hookup Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M    TBR
Munch Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M  TBR
Not Your Average Morning After Cordelia Kingsbridge M/M   TBR
Masks EM Prazeman M/M Fantasy  TBR
Memories of the Heart Felice Stevens M/M  TBR
Dangerous Ground Josh Lanyon M/M  TBR
Limited Engagement Josh Lanyon M/M  TBR
The French Have a Word For It Josh Lanyon M/M  TBR
Until We Meet Once More Josh Lanyon M/M  TBR
And to All a Good Night Kaje Harper M/M  TBR
Deep Waters Kaje Harper M/M  TBR
Hunting Under Covers Kaje Harper M/M Anthology  TBR
Nor Iron Bars a Cage Kaje Harper M/M Fantasy  TBR
The Family We’re Born With Kaje Harper M/M  TBR
Never Again… Again L.A. Witt M/M  TBR
Piece of Cake Mary Calmes M/M  TBR
Stable Boy Megan Derr M/M Fantasy  TBR
His Grandfather’s Watch N.R. Walker M/M  TBR
Learning to Feel N.R. Walker M/M  TBR
Sixty-Five Hours N.R. Walker M/M  TBR
Snowmancer Olivia Helling M/M Fantasy  TBR 
The Soul SR Carillo M/M Fantasy  TBR