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“I am afraid, Julian,” she whimpered, and in her mind’s eye, she saw the stars winking out, one by one, as the world began to destroy itself from the inside out. “I am afraid. You call me insane; you all see me as a madwoman, but I know enough to be afraid. I am afraid.”

Julian was silent. The confession was something new; she had never dared admit it. For a vampire of her years to be afraid… She could only imagine what he might be thinking, and she clutched harder at him.

“You know not what you’ve done,” she whispered, pleaded, somehow. “Tell your brother… Tell him, Julian. You must tell him.”

“What do you want me to tell him, Desideria?” he inquired, smoothing his fingers through her tangled hair.

“Tell him…” She hesitated, because these words would be the most important she had ever spoken. “Tell him — I don’t know. Julian, I do not know. There’s so much blood, the slaughter of innocents and not-innocents, and I want it. I want it so badly, but it’s… It’s all wrong now, somehow. The world is awash with blood, and we’ll glut ourselves into extinction.”

She laughed, high and wild.

“Perhaps it’s too late,” she said, not knowing if she was laughing or crying as Julian’s lips brushed her brow. “Perhaps we’re already there.”


Coming soon…