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Weapon of Mass Destruction [Ashton & Reese]

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This is an unedited short set in the RISQ world, approximately after Temper in timeline but without spoilers. 

Ashton glowered at the four-legged master of mass destruction in front of him, watching as it wagged its tail–and then promptly hopped behind Reese. The little furball yipped happily and darted forward, running between his lover’s legs–which was his territory, thank you very much–and then going straight for Ashton’s ankles. This time, Ashton was the one to yelp as he nearly fell over, trying to get away from the creature.

“What is that?” Ashton demanded, jumping up onto a chair instead and staring down at the beast on the floor.

Reese, who had spun around to watch Ashton leap away from the animal like a gymnast playing leapfrog, was trying to hide a smile, but Ashton knew him well enough to where he wasn’t keeping any secrets.

“It’s not funny, Reese!”

From behind him, he heard his best friend’s voice remark, “Actually, I think it’s pretty fucking hilarious.”

Ashton would have turned to look at Leo, but then he would have had to take his attention off of the miniature monstrosity that was now yipping away in front of his chair, small claws on huge paws scrabbling for purchase on one of the bottom rungs of it. “You. Hush,” he chided, flinging his hand in Leo’s general direction.

“Me. Leo.” Leo mocked him, and Ashton could hear his friend’s footsteps as he walked into the kitchen. They were so heavy in comparison to Reese’s, but then, he didn’t know a single human who could out-stealth a werewolf.

Even a former thief like him couldn’t pull that off.

“This is a dog, and I thought you’d like him as a pet,” Reese admitted, stepping up behind the thing and picking it up.

Ashton shuddered as the creature’s tongue ran along his lover’s neck. “I am never kissing you there again,” he announced when Reese made no move to avoid the molestation. “Not even if you scrub it with bleach. And that’s not a pet. What you have there is a ball of noisy fluff. That licks. And pisses. And destroys things.”

“So basically, you’re afraid your role in this household is going to be usurped,” Leo said, stopping just within Ashton’s peripheral vision as he hopped down–warily–from the chair.

“His name,” Reese said, his pale blue-grey eyes sparkling, “is Thor. Can you hate Thor?”

Ashton glowered at him. With the amount of times he’d compared Reese to a Viking or some sort of Norse god, he couldn’t exactly claim to hate Thor, even if he wanted to.


“Not when I’m calling you Thor,” he huffed. “But it’s a dog.” Which he said like he was talking about a nuclear explosion, because as far as he was concerned, he was. It was only a matter of time until the fluffball exploded all over the place. “And I’m not cleaning up after it.”

“Him,” Reese pointed out dryly. “He’s definitely a him.”

“I’m sure the dog is secure enough in his masculinity to where he doesn’t need you to defend his manhood,” Ashton informed the werewolf in the room, scowling at him.

“Ash,” Leo said, his voice sounding strange enough to where Ashton turned his head to look at his friend–who was trying so hard not to laugh that the syllable came out strangled.

“Oh, sure. Just laugh it up,” Ashton replied irritably. “Some friend you are.”

“I’m a fantastic friend. If the little tiny ball of fluff your boyfriend named Thor like he’s a badass goes for you, I’ll have his phone ready to take pictures.” Leo grinned, leaning against the wall. “But don’t mind me. I’m just here to watch.”

“And mock,” Ashton grumbled.

“That, too.”

Ashton looked for something to throw, but his knife-throwing skills weren’t particularly up to par, and he opted to pass on throwing sharp objects at his friend.

There were plenty of other ways to get him back.

February 6, 2016 Snippet

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After what shall be known as The Week That Shall Not Be Spoken Of, I return to share (and comment!) on others’ snippets. As I’ve said before, Rainbow Snippets is a group of exceptionally talented (and prolific) writers who share 6 sentences from an LGBTQ+ fiction or book recommendation.

This week, I’m going to share a few sentences from my first published work, Recoil. Though it isn’t sunshine and rainbows by any means, this isn’t nearly as dark as Bought–and I do consider it Romance. Ravel is probably my tamest work, then Recoil, and then Bought is way out in left field. Bought’s sequel, Owned, will probably be somewhere between Recoil and Bought in intensity. And with that ramble… Here’s my snippet for this week!

The slaver might have called the resilient human a creature, but no mere creature could inflict so much pain. It was rare for someone to reflect his efforts back at him, and [Khaz] hadn’t decided what to think about it happening.

Not used to being the moth instead of the flame, are you? How long has it been since someone’s even come close to destroying you? How long has it been since someone’s even been able to get close to you at all? No matter how hard you try, you can’t even self-destruct, can you?

And here’s the blurb. 🙂

In a world flipped upside down where the supernatural now rule over humans, a financially struggling vampire must face the ultimate attack on his humanity: breaking a mortal to slavery. Groomed to fight, the human is no easy picking, but Khaz has an ace in the hand in the form of an alluring magic many find impossible to resist.

Noah has spent the past ten years since the Takeover on the run. His entire life has been one of hardship and hatred, and he’s only survived by losing himself to both. When he meets the vampire, he’s sure he’ll hate him every bit as much as he hates supernatural creatures. The problem is… Khaz isn’t like anyone he’s ever met before.

Recoil: A RISQ Story is available through:

Amazon | eXcessica | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google Play | All Romance Ebooks | Smashwords | iBooks

January 23, 2016 Snippet

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Another week, another snippet! From the Rainbow Snippet description…

Writers and bloggers: please post 6 sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction or a book rec on your blog or website and link to it here in the comments. Don’t forget to include a link back to the group in your post, so your regular readers can follow it back and enjoy the snippetry!

Everyone: follow the links in the comments of this post to enjoy snippets from a group of talented writers and bloggers. You might find historical fiction, YA, something sweet or something spicy, but the common thread is that all main characters will identify as LGBTQ+. Comments and shares are always appreciated! If you know of anyone who might like to join us, please feel free to send them a link to the group. You don’t have to post a snippet to be a part of the community!

Please share on FB, your blog, or Tweet using hashtag‪#‎RainbowSnippets‬

This week’s is another from Bought: A RISQ Story. I’ve pretty much decided to do a follow up even though it was meant to be a standalone; it may or may not be gratuitous sex and humiliation. This is dark erotica which–or so I like to believe anyway–has a plot in its ~9k words. I should have a snippet from another work next week! Here goes!


Elias met his eyes, as though aware of those thoughts, and then pointedly looked down to draw attention to where the werewolf’s fingers had wrapped around his cock again. “Your body belongs to me. You eat and drink what I tell you, when I tell you. You go where I tell you. You come when I tell you to,” the witch said almost too quietly for even supernatural hearing to catch the words, “And soon…your mind will belong to me along with the rest of you.”


Bought: A RISQ Story is available (for free) through: Amazon | eXcessica | Kobo | Google Play | All Romance Ebooks | Smashwords

January 16, 2016 Snippet

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Be sure to check out this week’s display of amazing talent in the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook. Unfortunately, last week I was swallowed by real life, so I didn’t get a chance to comment, but I was able to steal a few peeks here and there to at least look them over.

For this week, I’m sharing another snippet from Bought: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story. This is a work I released for free; it’s dark M/M Erotica that… Well, as I’ve said a few times, let’s just say I’m torn between being proud of it and a little terrified of it. More information about it can be found in an earlier blog post. And now without further rambling, here are my 6 sentences!


“I’m not a bitch,” Jace snarled, his fingernails digging sharply into his palms as he forced his hips to stop moving.

“No? Well, you’re in heat all the same, aren’t you?” The witch’s hands grazed the side of the kennel over the lock, and the sound of metal subtly shifting confronted him even as the door remained closed.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” One of his fists unfurled, and he fought not to touch himself, fought not to test the challenge the other man had offered.

“Would you prefer that list categorically or alphabetically?”


January 9, 2016 Snippet

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If you don’t already know about it, there’s this amazing group on Facebook called Rainbow Snippets. Each week, we share 6 sentences of a work–something published, something in progress, something about to come out or whatnot. There are some really astoundingly good snippets in here, and I’ve been amazed by how much you can learn of a story in only six sentences.

My snippet for this week is for my M/M Paranormal Erotica that’s going to be released on 1/15/16. I’m a little nervous about it, because it’s extremely dark; my other two haven’t been sunshine and rainbows (?? and HFN, respectively) but this one is definitely nowhere near HEA. (Still in the very final editing stages; I edit until the last minute since I do my own editing.) This book will be free; however, Amazon is a pain with free titles, so it may take a day or two to reflect there. I would ask that you get it through Amazon simply for the exposure if you’re interested. I’ll let you know when it goes to $0.

Here goes!

Pain and pleasure blurred together until one became indistinguishable from the next, and his entire world consisted of the cock in his ass. Someone could have offered him freedom then and there, naming only denial of orgasm as the price, and he’d have refused them. Long, cool fingers curled around his shaft as Elias leaned over him, and Jace gasped both at the sensation itself and the feeling of the man’s warm flesh against his back.

Suspended there at the edge of climax, on the verge of coming, he felt good–so, so good–and the world fell completely away. He rutted like the bitch in heat the witch wanted him to be against those fingers as the witch’s voice rasped in his ear, “good boy.” If he could create enough friction to find some sort of relief from this tidal wave of lust, would it finally overcome whatever the witch had done to him?

From Bought: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story.

January 2, 2016

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I didn’t realize just how much could be conveyed in six sentences until I joined the group Rainbow Snippets. The weekly share has definitely gotten my interest on some new books. My “to read” list is starting to get a little crazy!


Right as he remembered how to breathe and started to scramble to his feet, he heard a low growl emanating from a few feet away.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! For fuck’s sake, when I said I needed to be fucked in a bad way, it was a figure of speech, not a request!

“Oh, no you don’t,” a deep masculine voice rumbled, and before the last syllable could reach his ears, he felt the subtle weight of a foot atop his ribcage. At least, it might have been a foot. He hadn’t thought they came in size behemoth.

-6 Sentences From Ravel: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story