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Awkward in LoveAwkward in Love by Lily Adile Lamb
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This was–dare I say it?–incredibly cute. I know, I know, it’s that word. It runs the risk of diminishing what Lamb has accomplished here, but it’s adorable. I’ll start off by saying this: if you’re in the mood for something light and sweet enough to leave you feeling good but deep enough to leave you thoughtful, this is a great read. She cleverly disguises it behind humor and a little bit of fluff, but there are some deep themes in here that are woven in extremely well.

I admit, I got a little intimidated by the slang dictionary at the beginning. There was a moment of, uh-oh, I’m never going to remember any of this. I am pleased to announce to anyone who might have had the same reservation that it’s completely a non-issue. Lamb makes sure the reader understands, usually in a smooth way, even when using something I’m unfamiliar with.

The introduction of Turkish culture fascinated me; I love learning from books, especially when the writer’s bio tells me she’s from Turkey, and I can trust that I’m not just being told some random facts. (Or “facts.”)

I’m rambling, which I do. Ahem.

I loved the characters, because they felt real to me. They had flaws as well as things they were good at. They interacted smoothly at times and poorly in others. There were missteps and mishaps, not everything went as planned, and yet, it worked out in the end. The sex scenes were well written, and even the realism of someone’s first time experiencing anal sex (because let’s face it, unless–OH LOOK SOMETHING SHINY) didn’t detract from the sensuality.

So I’ll sum up by saying that this is a good feel-good read. And now that I’ve showered under the sweetness, it’s time to find something filthy to lick it away.

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