The Need Trilogy

The Need Trilogy

The Need Trilogy


For years, Rex Mirza has been controlling every aspect of his twin brother’s life. Using the fact that Tavi is a magicless witch — a mere human — in a family of powerful witches, he has justified every harsh treatment. All of it is only for Tavi’s own good, of course. How could a human possibly know what was best for him?

When Tavi gets the chance to turn the tables on his brother, will he take it? Or will he take the punishment Rex says is due for trying to run away?

Changes in the Mirza family have left both Tavi and Rex struggling to learn their new roles — and there’s no room for error. Pretending to be his twin brother is more difficult than Tavi could have imagined, and family secrets threaten to tear him apart. Rex, protected and cared for in every way, has a far from peaceful life.

Both have gained knowledge they didn’t necessarily want to have, and now that it’s been learned, they can’t simply forget it again. As their lives continue to change, will they change for the better… or will the price for the twins’ actions be too high?


*This is NOT a standalone and should be read after Want (The Need Trilogy #1). This is dark taboo tale contains several kinks that may offend or trigger some readers, including (but not limited to) age play, ABDL, spanking, and humiliation. Not every dynamic or element is 100% consensual.

Though The Need Trilogy is set in The Fate of the Fallen world, the trilogy can be read separately from the series. The main characters do not appear in the FotF/SQ books, and there are minimal spoilers for the series or other books set in the universe.

Book One of the Need Trilogy

Chapter One:

It was taking them hours to find Tavi. Hours! He’d paced and sat, then paced some more, eyes darting toward the door. What was the use of having magic when he couldn’t even trace his own twin’s whereabouts? He knew he should’ve gotten Tavi microchipped like their parents had told him to, but it had felt distasteful. He should’ve listened to them.

Rex should’ve listened to them about a lot of things.

He’d been too lenient with his twin, and now he had to worry about what Tavi was up to while he was gone. He was going to shame their family name. Rex had already traded on it to initiate a discreet search, and if this got back to their mother, he was going to have to try to figure out how to explain this to her.

He rested his head against the wall by the door, groaning. He did not want to have to deal with another one of Tavi’s rebellions. If he would just accept his place, they wouldn’t have to go through this again and again.

Granted, this had been the first time Tavi had actually bolted.

Rex didn’t know what Tavi had been thinking. With the slave mark on his inner wrist and the number neatly inked into the design, it wasn’t likely he’d get very far. He hadn’t thought his twin would even try. Tavi had to know better.

A knock sounded on the door next to him. He jumped, hurriedly unlocking it and whispering the words of the spell that kept it secure — the spell he’d made sure to put into place after Tavi had run away.

He wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.

Stupid. Rex had trusted too much in the mundane lock, in the fact that his magicless brother couldn’t do anything without the key. He was more or less human. What could he possibly do?

Enough, obviously, because he’d stolen away while Rex had slept, and only a sense of utter wrongness had awoken him. Tavi couldn’t have had too much of a head start, but there had been a lot of ground to cover.

And now…

Now they were either going to tell him that they still hadn’t had any luck — ridiculous; they could use the phone for that, so it had to be good news — or they would be delivering his little brother back to him.

Where he belonged.

He opened the door and let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, almost slumping as the relief bled out of him. There in front of him was a tall Enforcer, a prim little frown on her lips as she shoved Tavi forward.

“Rex Mirza?” she inquired shortly, holding on to a rough rope handle she’d crafted out of the elaborate bondage.

Rex winced. It didn’t look comfortable at all. The ropes looked harsh and untreated, and he could see the red marks where Tavi had fought against them. “Yes. Yes, Enforcer. Thank you so much for returning my slave to me.”

Tavi’s eyes narrowed, but Rex wasn’t going to call him brother or anything quite so familiar in front of someone else. It was bad enough that they were identical twins — even if Rex was minutes older than Tavi, and that should’ve been respected.

He didn’t need to call further attention to the fact that he was related to a magicless witch, a human. What if the Enforcer thought he was culpable? Ridiculous, but he’d heard of some assisting their human kin and dutifully reporting it only when it had been too late. He wasn’t going to be accused of anything like that.

She stared at him, then offered the rope lead to Rex. He saw then that the bondage had included a noose around Tavi’s neck, and if his brother resisted… Rex’s heart raced. He wanted so desperately to unwind it and pull Tavi into his arms and kiss those spots away. Was he out of the healing ointment? He’d gone through entirely too much of it lately, but now he saw why.

Tavi had lost his way, and it was time to help him find it again.

“If that’s all?” Rex asked, his voice clipped. The rough rope irritated Rex’s fingers, and his heart ached. He couldn’t stand to see Tavi wrapped in it for much longer. His eyes lingered on Tavi, and it took all he had not to simply snap at the Enforcer to leave. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was technically doing him — his family name — a favor…

The Enforcer stared at him then gestured, and a werewolf stepped up beside her.

Rex’s nostrils flared. He’d thought he could sense wet dog, but he hadn’t realized a mutt was so close to him. He was being careless, being stupid, in his determination to see Tavi brought to heel.

“This is the man you say… abducted your brother,” the woman said, gesturing to the werewolf’s captive, who was even less kindly bound.

Good. It served the stupid human right for trying to take Tavi away from him. He didn’t deserve even the small mercies Tavi was receiving. “That’s him,” he confirmed, even though he didn’t have the slightest idea whether it was the one Tavi had gone with or not.

All of them knew that Tavi hadn’t been abducted, but the Mirza name was enough to keep them from saying that aloud.

The werewolf nodded, a surprisingly deep tone emerging from his lips as he stated, “He’ll be in the auctions this weekend. Might be on a one-way trip to Tartarus, even. These are serious charges.”

Rex felt Tavi go still, his twin’s breath catching, and it filled him with an irrational anger. Why should he care about some strange human? “I hope he does see Tartarus,” he spat. He’d be at the game, too.

He’d watch as they released the human into the maze. That would be the price for trying to take his brother away from him, and he’d cheer when the supe of the night started to hunt him down.

Hell, he was almost tempted to pay to be the one to stalk the human through the maze himself. He could overcome Elias Ivers’ traps, both magical and mundane, and he’d get to show that the youngest Mirza witch was far from helpless. Oh, some disdained what they saw as an easy kill box, but he’d seen some phenomenal chases.

There had been the infamous hunter they’d captured a few months before, who had slaughtered a shocking number of supes before finally going down. Participants from hours away had joined them, then, wanting the very real risk of danger as they hunted down their prey.

It was almost like the old days, when they could slake their bloodlust in a natural environment where humans didn’t know they existed.

Not that he’d ever had the urge before, but for this? For this, he might change his mind.

But if he slipped, if they put in a human like that too-capable rebel, who would be there to take care of Tavi? He wouldn’t, but just in case the human got incredibly lucky, it was better to avoid the playing field entirely.

“I can put in a word to Mr. Ivers’ staff,” the female Enforcer offered.

Rex shook his head. “No. I’ll have to be here.” He smoothed his fingers lovingly along Tavi’s cheek, pulling the rope taut when his twin tried to pull away and tsking when he started to choke himself. “This one has a great deal of punishment coming.”

He kissed the pulse point at his brother’s throat while he was still, and he ignored the look between the witch and werewolf at his door. He didn’t care what they thought — and he didn’t even pay attention to what the bound human with them was thinking. He could do anything he liked with his twin, and if they didn’t like it, they could fuck off.

Besides, it wasn’t like incest was a novel idea to the purer witch bloodlines. She was probably from one of the new ones, who didn’t yet understand that preserving the bloodline was key. Not that male twins had much of a chance of doing that, but even so! He would be reporting her unprofessionalism to her superiors.

“Have a good day, Mr. Mirza,” the witch politely said.

Before he could answer, Tavi’s strained voice said, “You too, Enforcer.”

The look of disdain — of disgust — that she offered Tavi was understandable, and Rex added that to the tally of infractions his brother would be punished for.

“You aren’t even worth my time, human,” she snarled, letting the ugliness of her words twist her features, too.

“Then why are you standing here arguing wi—”

Rex pulled the rope hard, cutting off Tavi’s words. He offered the other witch a strained smile. “I’m sorry. Like I said, I have training to do. It seems I’ve been too lenient.”

If the werewolf was trying to hide his smirk, he failed miserably.

Rex’s smile faltered, and he pulled Tavi back a little more. His twin jerked, letting out a low grunt, and he ran his hand along Tavi’s stomach. He wasn’t wearing any of the clothes Rex had bought him, and the smell of the shirt alone made his gorge rise. He was going to have to make sure Tavi bathed immediately. He couldn’t be having this.

“Keep him under control,” the first Enforcer told him.

“We wouldn’t want someone to try to kidnap him a second time,” the second added. The werewolf hadn’t needed to say that they didn’t believe a word of the story he’d concocted, and it wasn’t appreciated.

Rex turned his glare onto him.

Tavi was going to pay for making him endure this sort of embarrassment. As it was, Rex had had to take risks and pay a small fortune to keep this quiet. “I will,” he said, teeth grinding together. “Now take the fucking trash out,” he snapped with one final glance at the man who would’ve taken his twin away from him.

The Enforcers didn’t look amused, and the human’s eyes blazed with something that might’ve scared him if he was even capable of fearing a human. Witches might’ve been mortal, but their blood was vastly different, and he wouldn’t be tempted by one of them.

The female Enforcer closed the door behind her, and Rex yanked Tavi closer to him still.

His twin let out another startled sound, trying to tug against the ropes.

“You’re hurting me,” Tavi whined.

When was he going to learn that Rex was only doing what was best for him? Sometimes that involved a little bit of pain — like now. How else was he going to learn? Even with their lessons, Tavi was still out of control.

Rex was just going to have to be stricter.

“I was going to take you to see a movie,” Rex complained. “We haven’t been out in a while. But no. You just had to go ruin it, didn’t you?”

“Oh, come off it,” Tavi muttered. “Stop pretending like you’re doing what’s best for me.”

Of course he was. The fact that his twin couldn’t see it was the real problem.

“Octavian Mirza!”

Tavi’s face flushed, and for the first time, Rex wondered if he’d made a mistake. He didn’t understand how. In a way, he’d honored his magicless brother, had made him into more than something human by using the full name he’d never earn.

“Don’t you ever call me that again,” Tavi hissed.

“It’s who you are,” Rex insisted. “That’s the name you were born with, so you damn well better live up to it.”

Tavi’s laugh was ugly. “And how am I supposed to do that, Rex? Staying in your house all day, waiting for you to let me out like I’m a goddamn toddler? I’m not Octavian, the eighth wonder child. I’m not even really a Mirza. I’m just some human named Tavi.”

Rex’s stomach roiled at that. The idea of his brother completely rejecting those who had taken care of him… that was worse than he’d have thought. “Maybe I do need to treat you like a toddler,” he said sternly. “Starting with you taking a time out so you can think about what you’ve done.”

The look Tavi shot him was incredulous, but Rex ignored it. “Rex—”

“No,” Rex said sharply, pulling in the direction of Tavi’s plain room. It gnawed at him, the idea of pulling so tightly that the ropes dug into his twin’s throat, but he had to get him to move when he resisted. “Come on, Tavi.”

Tavi went then, but the look on his brother’s face had him a little frightened. He’d never had to bind Tavi for long. Usually, just leaving him in his room was usually enough to cure him of his temper tantrums.

This time? This time, he wasn’t so sure.

Rex sighed. “Stop sulking, Tavi.”

Tavi’s eyes narrowed, then his expression smoothed out.

He didn’t know what his twin was thinking, but Rex was relieved when he sagged into the bonds instead of fighting. “Good,” Rex encouraged him, offering a relieved smile. If he was going to cooperate, this would be much easier. Maybe he’d even fix one of Tavi’s favorites for dinner, just so he knew that even though he was in trouble, he was still loved. “Right through here,” he coaxed.

Tavi went silently into the room, nibbling at his bottom lip. Rex wanted to kiss it, to kiss away each and every one of the red marks the ropes had caused.

“Stay still.”

He started unraveling the rope, carefully unwinding it and wincing where he saw it had dug into his twin’s skin. At least it hadn’t started to bleed. The irritation wouldn’t last that long. He took care of the body that was so like his own, despite whatever Tavi had to be thinking in that moment.

When he drew the last of the ropes from his brother, Rex nodded. “All right. Since you’re being so good, I won’t restrain you. I’ll just lock the door. That’s all. Okay?”

Tavi’s eyes squeezed closed, and he nodded.

Rex turned, pleased his twin was properly grateful for his generosity. He headed for the door, only to have pain blind him as something slammed into the back of his head.

He was too surprised to do anything but fall.

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*Warnings & Triggers: Including, but not limited to: Dubious (Non) Consent, Twincest, Humiliation, ABDL, forced diaper use and incontinence, enemas, age play, Daddy kink, etc.