This paranormal pony play is set in the Fate of the Fallen world.


The voice was firm, the threat as heavy in it as though it were a tangible weight, but Brady stood his ground against the unclear… order? He didn’t know what the witch was trying to do to him, and he didn’t know what he was supposed to be doing. 

A soft growl sounded from behind him, but Brady couldn’t turn to face the speaker. The blinders kept him from moving too much, kept him from being able to see to the left or right and limiting his field of vision.


It freaked him the fuck out.

“Really?” another male voice cut in, dripping with disdain. 

A hand slid along the bonds of leather and chains wrapped around his waist, and his skin prickled where those fingers touched his skin. He knew he was only imagining the touch causing static electricity to spark against his skin, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder if he really was feeling something, anything.

“What?” the first man asked, defensive, and the left rein tugged by his cheek, forcing Brady to take a step back or risk losing his footing in the muddy ring. 

Brady gave a shake of his head, the odd cap that had been placed on his head making silky strands of hair brush along his spine. 

He couldn’t help but wonder if that hair was real or synthetic, but he knew one thing: it wasn’t his. 

“Jonas, have you even explained to the poor thing what’s going on?” the second voice asked, finally giving a name to the person who had ripped him away from everything he’d known. 

Brady had spent the past decade working his way up the ranks of the slaves who were responsible for designing and building structures, and he was as close to being an architect as a human could be. He’d only recently turned eighteen, and that… That had been when the trouble had started. 

Suddenly, he wasn’t invisible anymore. 

“It doesn’t need to know,” the man, Jonas, huffed.

Brady hadn’t even been ten when the Takeover had swallowed up the world, sending humans down to the deepest, darkest places and elevating the supernatural beings who had inhabited the darkness to their superiors. It had been utter chaos, and it still felt like it had happened overnight.

But he didn’t think about his life before the Takeover. It was better not to. He’d seen what happened with the people who did, who mourned the loved ones who had been taken from them. They lost their minds, either becoming willing to do anything to stay alive or to do their best to simply die. 

Brady didn’t want to be one of them. He just wanted to live, and he’d built up as much of a family as he could with a group of people that was ever in flux. They came and went, but he welcomed all of them — enough to be muttered about as a traitor to his own kind, but what else was he supposed to do? 

He didn’t want to bring their punishments down upon him, so he was good. He behaved

He was still here, and he didn’t understand why. 

“It’s confused.” That same hand slid from his waist up over the muscles of his chest to his arm, then he could sort of feel it over the… things covering his hands. They were weird, covering his lower arms and his hands, and it was… Hot. Uncomfortable. Then again, the whole get-up was. “But it’s not fighting you.”

“Like hell it’s not, Kane,” Jonas snapped. “It’s not listening to the commands.”

Finally, one of the men crossed into his vision — Kane, he was pretty sure, from the way hands trailed down his and then to his chin. The hand that had been so gentle was firm then as it grabbed his chin, and Brady let out a startled sound, squirming back but not daring to pull completely away even though he had enough give in back to do so.

“See?” Jonas asked smugly. “It won’t even stand still for an inspection.”

“Have you ever broken in a horse before?” Kane asked, tightening his fingers until Brady got the hint to open his mouth. 

Brady obeyed, letting Kane duck in close and inspect him.

“Good teeth,” the man said. “Surprising. I didn’t think they took good care of their slaves down at Bound.”

“Didn’t get him from Bound,” Jonas replied, staying behind him and tugging irritably on the right rein. “It was a construction company. I bought him to train for Madeleine’s birthday. She’s always wanted a pony.”

“I didn’t know construction companies dealt in slaves,” Kane said dryly, the pale man letting him go and taking a step back.

Brady hadn’t thought so either. He cast Kane a plaintive look, though what he was pleading for, even he didn’t know. To get him away from this asshole and take him home, maybe. He’d always been good. Even the ones who had tried to run away hadn’t been sold. It wasn’t fair.

But then, fair wasn’t really a word that entered into the picture anymore, was it? 

“They don’t,” Jonas said, sighing and already sounding… bored.

That didn’t bode well. But then, none of this did…

“I liked the look of him. Gorgeous chestnut mane, nicely muscled, freckled countenance, cock meant for playing stud… And the manager said he has a pleasant demeanor and has never had any incidents,” Jonas explained. “He was reluctant to sell, but…” 


Brady blinked, gaping at the man before him. His mouth had fallen open, and Kane reached out, tapping his chin and urging him to close it. That was what had happened? Why had William sold him? Hadn’t he always done what he was told? 

Well, yes, which was part of why he was here, wasn’t it?

“But you flashed a bunch of money at him, promised him a favor from our family, and refused to take no for an answer when he tried to dissuade you. Threatened to name him a sympathizer, maybe?” 

Jonas’s voice was every bit as sullen as Kane’s had been pitiless as he snapped, “It’s just a stupid human. He was being ridiculous for not wanting to sell.” 

“You haven’t done enough to earn the right to use our lineage against a man who probably didn’t want to lose a good worker,” Kane said, his eyes flashing, pale blue and cold, as he looked past Brady. “Especially to some dumbfuck who bought him on a whim and has no idea what he’s doing.”

“Watch it, Kane,” Jonas snapped, yanking back on the reins attached to the metal thing between Brady’s teeth. 

Brady had to quickly step back, and he did stumble in the mud. He fell to a knee, not daring to press one of the hoof things on his hands into the dirt to try to get back up again. 

“You’re awfully concerned about what I’m doing to some beast,” Jonas said, grabbing Brady by the harness crossing his back and yanking him to his feet. “Maybe you’re the one I should be reporting as a sympathizer.”

“For not wanting to see a beautiful creature wasted, cousin?” Kane asked, sounding almost… amused despite how serious the accusation was. 

Brady didn’t know how it all worked, not exactly, but he’d seen supes get called sympathizers before — it led to a visit from the Enforcers, who always scared the hell out of him, and sometimes he never saw them again. There were all sorts of rumors about what happened to people when they were seen as overly empathetic with humans… because humans had to be kept in their place.

He understood it, a little. He knew what would happen now, if the supes relented and gave humans any slack. They’d get slaughtered by the humans’ superior numbers, the element of surprise gone.

It should’ve bothered him more than he did, but he was used to this. This had been his life for as long as he could remember…

“Oh, for fuck’s sake. It’s just a pony,” Jonas huffed, not letting go of the harness. 

A pony? Brady wasn’t a pony. He was a person, a man, and… some of it started to make sense. He felt a little stupid for not having realized it before, but it wasn’t like he’d ever dressed up like a horse before. He hadn’t celebrated Halloween, and while he’d seen some weird things over the years…

No, he had seen people dressed as ponies, pulling carts. It had just creeped him out to the point where he’d ignored them as best he could. And now, here he was, being labeled one of them in what he assumed as at least partial pony gear. He whimpered, not wanting to fight, but at the same time, not wanting to be this either.

“A pony who has no idea what’s going on, and even though he’s scared to death, he’s still obeying you the best he can,” Kane replied, his eyes locked on something somewhere behind Brady. “Considering you haven’t explained shit to him, I think he’s doing rather well. An ordinary beast would be trying to trample you, you idiot.” 

“He?” Jonas snapped. 

“You said yourself you wanted to use him to stud,” Kane pointed out. “That would mean he has a gender, and you may as well acknowledge the elephant trunk in the room.” 

“Oh, it’s not that big,” Jonas scoffed.

Brady blushed furiously, ducking his head down. They were talking about that? Really? 

“And that’s not the point,” Kane countered.

Brady almost liked Kane — at least, he preferred him to the arrogant man who had gotten him into all this gear then expected him to know what to do. He was in construction! He’d had a career ahead of him. William had always said that he had a future, that even as a human, he could excel.

That he’d have a good life ahead of him.

But here he was, trapped in gear as a human pony while two cousins argued over whether or not he was an it. It might’ve been funny if it wasn’t so sad.

“Madeleine wants a pony,” Jonas replied stiffly, his fingers tightening until the leather of the new harness crunched beneath his grip. “I told her I’d give her one this year. Buying a trained one is ridiculously expensive.”

“You’re a short-sighted idiot,” Kane replied. “What if you’d gotten a feral one?” He grabbed Brady’s cock, and Brady started, his eyes wide. “What if he’s not as docile as his old owner claims? You don’t know shit about training a beast properly. You know even less what he’ll do in the future, and you want him around your daughter?”

Brady felt… Well, Brady felt mildly offended. He’d never hurt someone, let alone a child, especially not that way. 

“What are you trying to do, Kane?” Jonas asked, releasing the harness.

It gave Brady a chance to breathe out, something he hadn’t felt he’d really done since he’d gotten there. He squirmed, trying to ignore the way Kane’s hand on him was eliciting a reaction. His cheeks flamed hotter, redder, but he didn’t try to pull away. 

“Get you to pay more attention to what the fuck you’re doing,” Kane replied, though his eyes were on Brady’s, curious and almost amused. “I’m twenty years older than you. I think I know a few things.” 

Jonas huffed out a breath, but he didn’t argue. “You want to buy it from me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Kane said simply.

Jonas let out a dramatic sigh from behind Brady, and Brady stilled. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Please let him say yes

“Find Madeleine a well-trained pony, then,” Jonas said, tossing the reins to Kane. “You can take the mongrel with you so I don’t waste any more money on it.” 

To his disbelief, Brady heard footsteps recede from behind him. The man was… walking away? He couldn’t tell for sure, not with the blinders on, but he thought the man who had originally bought him was leaving.

“So a construction worker, hm?” Kane asked, undeterred as he held both reins in one hand, though at least he’d let go of Brady’s erection.

Brady couldn’t speak, not around the thing in his mouth, so he nodded. 

“Is that bit at least comfortable for you? I don’t want you to have sores,” Kane said, and Brady realized then what it was. That was…

Brady hesitated. How was he supposed to know? It felt like it fit… 

Kane stepped closer, inspecting his mouth again. “Well, the fool at least went to a good outfitter,” he remarked. “It looks like all of your gear at least fits, even if that’s all he had going for him.” He paused then glanced down at Brady’s hands. “Wouldn’t recommend those hooves, though. They don’t breathe properly. Not that you’ll need your hands again, but even so.” 

A chill ran through Brady. He’d thought Kane was the kinder of the two, but the casual way he surveyed him… He tried to speak, tried to ask to go home. The words were garbled, but the witch seemed to understand him well enough.

“No, I’m afraid not. As many flaws as my cousin has, he at least picked well with you.” 

Brady whimpered.

“You truly are a beauty.” Kane slid his hand along Brady’s upper thigh and the leather he wore, squeezing and nodding in satisfaction. “We’ll replace some of this, but for the most part, he did well.” 

Brady shook his head, daring to disagree for the first time, to argue with one of the supes who had ruled his life for so long.

“No?” the man asked, arching a brow. 

Brady braced himself, expecting a blow to come, but it didn’t.

Instead, Kane yanked him closer with the reins, pulling him until they were face to face. “What matters here, pony, is what I want. And what I want is for you to learn how to make me proud. Do you understand me?”

No. He didn’t understand at all, but he nodded anyway.

Kane let off some of the slack. He gave Brady a look, but he didn’t comment on the obvious lie. “Butterscotch? Is that what he named you?”

Brady nodded.

Kane shook his head. “It isn’t what I’d have chosen, but I imagine he’s already filed your paperwork. Your mark under the arm wraps?”

Brady nodded again, edging back just a little until Kane tightened the reins again. 

“Good. The transfer should be easy enough. I can find him an adorable little pony for his daughter, one who wouldn’t be wasted on her,” Kane mused, stroking his hand through what Brady realized was a faux mane. “And you… I’m going to train you to be mine.”

The intensity of his stare made Brady shiver, and he wanted to shy away — just like a horse might. But he stayed still, not wanting to risk drawing negative attention to himself, and Kane smiled. 

“Good boy. You’re going to be a champion for me, Butterscotch. I can see it now.”

Champion? Champion of what?

Even if he could’ve asked, Brady wasn’t sure he would have.

He didn’t think he wanted to know.